Implementing Your Metrics

After you’ve picked the metrics you want to monitor, the next, and perhaps most critical, is implementation. I’ve witnessed metric after metric, which were good, poorly implemented. It only led to frustration, finger-pointing and a general drip in morale. To help you avoid making these same mistakes, I’ve outlined a few points to provide guidance.

Tips on Implementing Metrics

  1. Keep everyone informed. It can be hard to perform well when you don’t know how you’re being evaluated. To overcome their hesitation, let everyone know the reasons for choosing the metric. How does it support the mission and purpose? How will using it help them be better at their jobs?
  2. Post the metric where people can see it. Once they know how and why the parameter is being used, place the results in a space where everyone can view it. Give them up to date information. Do this so they can see the consequences of their actions and make the appropriate changes. You’ll see...
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