Leadership During a Crisis

Suffice it to say, the world is in a crisis. In America, our health systems are experiencing a crisis. Leadership is critical for not only you but your staff and patients. To help you lead effectively, follow these suggestions as you navigate these tricky waters. Strong leadership depends on clear decision-making skills. One thing I lean on is my aviation training. The methodology has helped analyze situations and make good decisions not only as I fly my plane, but as I work in the clinical setting.

  1. Determine the situation. Try to figure out what’s going on. What is the current situation? What has happened? How bad is it? What are the risks we face as a result of the situation? In the airplane, it might be we just lost an engine, or our radios stopped working. In my clinical setting, it might be the patient is suddenly hypotensive or their peak airway pressures are elevated, and it’s becoming challenging to oxygenate the patient.
  2. Understand the hazards and risks....
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