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Are you a dedicated physician looking to take your medical practice to the next level of success? Do you find yourself struggling to juggle the demands of patient care while effectively managing the business aspects of your practice? It's time to change the game and own your practice and life.

Consulting Services

Get the help you need to attain the outcomes you desire.

Master Your Financial Intelligence

Need help deciphering your financial reports? Do you desire assistance in making financial decisions in your practice? Take control of your medical practice's financial health. I specialize in helping you optimize revenue streams, manage expenses, and increase profitability. With my guidance, you'll make well-informed financial decisions to secure a stable and prosperous future.

Cultivate Exceptional Leadership Skills

Morale and motivation issues plaguing your staff? Being a successful physician requires medical expertise and exceptional leadership skills. I will mentor you to become an inspiring and influential leader, capable of motivating your team to deliver outstanding patient care. I provide personalized coaching to enhance communication, delegation, and conflict-resolution skills, enabling you to lead your practice to new heights.

Master the Art of Negotiation

Feel powerless when you're negotiating with payers, partners, and other healthcare organizations? I'll help guide you through the preparation and execution of a solid and safe negotiation plan. Negotiations are a crucial aspect of any successful medical practice, whether it's with suppliers, insurers, or potential partners. I will equip you with invaluable negotiation tactics and strategies that lead to win-win outcomes. You'll feel confident and empowered in negotiations, ensuring your practice gets the best deals and collaborations.

Streamline Processes for Maximum Efficiency

Need help improving the efficiency¬†of your office? I'll help you get things up and running smoothly and efficiently.¬†Time is a precious resource in the medical field, and inefficiencies can hinder your practice's growth. I will conduct an in-depth process assessment, identifies bottlenecks, and introduces streamlined workflows to optimize your practice's efficiency. Implementing these improvements'll free up valuable time, allowing you to focus on what matters most ‚ÄĒ your patients. Together we will design a system that delights your patients.¬†

Who I Work With


Just starting out? I'll help you gain the knowledge you need to be a successful leader.


Already in practice and need help? I'm here to help you take your business to the next level.


I can help provider associations of all types improve their business. 


Help your employees gain understanding in concepts that directly impact your bottom line.


Get the business knowledge they didn't teach you. 


Work with me to see how you can have a thriving business.

What You Get

Get the help you need to attain the outcomes you desire.

Access to Help

You will have access to me via email and my personal cell. I'm here to help you succeed. 

Supporting Resources

Consulting clients receive support material they can use and refer to at any time. My hope is they use these tools to reinforce topics we have discussed. These resources come in the form of PDF's, videos, and real, actual books.

Training Material

Consulting clients will receive access to my online training courses - all of them. I provide them these highly valuable courses because so much of your business is dependent upon you understanding the fundamentals.

On-site Visit

If your situation requires an on-site visit, I and members of my team will visit your office and guide you in designing a plan that helps you develop the practice you desire.

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What Clients Have Said About Working with Me

These are just a handful of the people I've helped over the years. Would you like to add your name to the list?

Jill Austin, PT

David was very helpful as I set up my practice partnership—but not in the typical nuts and bolts way.  He asked me to look inside my own personality and articulate what my dream was, and then coached me on how to approach my partners with a very clear vision of how to achieve that dream. That advice turned out to be invaluable.

Luis Figueroa, MD

Dr. Norris has been game-changing in my life. As a physician-in-training, there is always a level of uncertainty regarding; what I am going to do after I finish my residency or fellowship? Personally, this was happening to me a few months ago.  I was not sure what was the best path for me; joining a private oncology practice, stay in the academics or just affiliate to a big hospital.  But recently I started the Financial Intelligent Physician course and my objectives changed completely. After learning the principles and fundaments of finances and accounting, methods to protect a medical practice from fraud  I decided to open my own private oncology practice and at this very moment, I am working on that. I am building a team focused on the 4Ps principle. I am confident that with the principles I am learning with Dr. Norris and his accessibility to reach Dr. Norris will guide me through this endeavor.

Thank you, Dr Norris, for being my mentor.

Why Choose Me?

I've been in your shoes. I understand the frustration and stress you face every day. Together, we can build a practice that fulfills you and allows you to fall in love with medicine once again. 


Don't let the business side of medicine hold you back any longer. Let me be your guiding light to success. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals, improve your practice's profitability, and make a lasting impact on your patients' lives.

Let's Work Together

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise in business intelligence, financial intelligence, leadership development, process improvement, and negotiations can revolutionize your medical practice! Your journey towards excellence begins now!


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