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Don't risk the time, effort, and money you've invested in medical school and residency. You can have the practice you desire. Even though they didn't teach you how to run a business, you can own a thriving medical practice.
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What challenges are you facing?


Don't know where your money is going. You wish you had a better understanding of your financial reports.


Your practice is inefficient. You wish things would run smoothly in your office.


Feeling pushed around by payers and weak in any negotiation.

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Learn more about my books, The Financially Intelligent Physician: What They Didn't Teach You and Great Care, Every Patient. They are the resources you need to have the practice you desire.

It's Not Your Fault

Now is the time to act

  • How do you feel when you are handed the financial reports of your practice?

  • Are you intimidated when you are faced with the financial decisions of your practice?

  • What thoughts and emotions race through your head when you attempt to fix a process in your office?

  • Do you understand how to utilize productivity reports?

  • How do you prepare for a negotiation?

  • Are you seeing the results you desire in your negotiation efforts?


Don't risk the time, energy money and emotion you and your loved ones have invested in your medical school and residency. I promise you, it's possible to have the practice you desire. Even though medical school and residency didn't prepare you to run a business, you can still learn how to own a thriving medical practice. 

Improve Your Business Intelligence

Enroll in one of my courses to improve your business intelligence and create the practice you desire.

What I Offer

Financial Intelligence

Learn how to use the financial reports of your practice. Make better business decisions.


We negotiate almost everything in life. You will become an effective negotiation.

Process Improvement

Process improvement doesn’t have to be complicated. You will quickly and efficiently improve any process or system in your organization.


Get the help you need to grow your practice. Together, we can help you achieve your objectives today.

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"Dr. Norris has been game-changing in my life. As a physician-in-training, there is always a level of uncertainty regarding; what I am going to do after I finish my residency or fellowship? Personally, this was happening to me a few months ago. I was not sure what was the best path for me; joining a private oncology practice, stay in the academics or just affiliate to a big hospital. But recently I started the Financial Intelligent Physician course and my objectives changed completely. After learning the principles and fundaments of finances and accounting, methods to protect a medical practice from fraud I decided to open my own private oncology practice and at this very moment, I am working on that. I am building a team focused on the 4Ps principle. I am confident that with the principles I am learning with Dr. Norris and his accessibility to reach him will guide me through this endeavor. Thank you, D.r Norris, for being my mentor. "

Luis A Figueroa, MD
Hematology-Oncology Fellow

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