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Stop leaving money on the table

Whether you’re negotiating with a hospital for better rates or trying to close a multimillion-dollar deal to acquire another practice, you might be nervous – or even scared.

Scared of being taken advantage of.

Of leaving money on the table.

Of not getting the full value possible.

Of losing.

These fears are common and understandable – but you don’t need to suffer from them. Learning to negotiate successfully puts you in the driver’s seat for any deal and brings you the results you want.


Do You Feel You're Stuck at No?

There are four reasons people say no. The negotiation isn't over when they say "no." A negotiation begins with "no."

Download this resource and learn why people say no and how you can effectively deal with "no".

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Free Session on Negotiations

This 1-hour session will provide you an excellent overview of a systematic approach to negotiations. You will learn actionable and impactful knowledge that will immediately impact the outcomes of your negotiations.

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I've Been There Too

There was a time when my emotions impacted my negotiations.

I was scared and didn’t know how to properly prepare before I sat down at the table. It felt adversarial – like the other side was out to cheat me.

 But I learned how to overcome those emotions and craft a solid negotiation plan. Preparation and a growth mindset are key to making the most of any negotiation and protecting your practice.

Learn How I Can Help

Camp Systems

I learned Jim Camp's approach to successful negotiations years ago and am one of their negotiation consultants. It's a proven system that gets results. You can learn more about Camp Systems here.

How I changed my outlook on negotiating

In 2012, I met Jim Camp, author of Start with No. I was in a particularly challenging negotiation and needed help – what I learned in my negotiation classes in my MBA program wasn’t working. I read Jim’s book and began to implement the content. I suddenly began to see results.


Since that time, I’ve helped others improve their negotiation skills and worked with them as they negotiated stressful deals. What I teach my coaching clients is now available to you in this course.

You Can Become a Professional Negotiator

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A Professional Approach to Negotiations

Most of the common theories simply don't work, and the results are missed opportunities and poor results. Stop missing the mark and enroll today to learn to become a professional negotiator.

There are four basic negotiation strategies:

  1. Win-Win. Based upon the belief comprise is required and there is a strong desire to remain “friends” at the end of the negotiation. This approach assumes you must compromise before you even begin negotiating. Holds relationships above results and outcomes.
  2. Amateurs. Erratic behaviors that weaken your position and stem from a lack of knowing what you or the adversary want. Tend to waste time, money, and energy because they lack goals and objectives as they negotiate.
  3. Bullies. Based upon the belief the pie is fixed and one must use any and all tactics to acquire as much of the pie as possible regardless of the consequences. Typically becomes a one-time deal or one in which the other side performs the bare minimum to avoid being sued.
  4. Professional. Focused on goals and behaviors they can control and requires training and practice to implement. They believe in controlling their decisions and actions and experience greater success in their negotiations. They are able to deal with win-win, amateurs, and bullies effectively and fairly.

Looking for Negotiation Help?

Need help with a negotiation? I'm here to help. Together, we can get you the results you desire.

"David was very helpful as I set up my practice partnership—but not in the typical nuts and bolts way. He asked me to look inside my own personality and articulate what my dream was, and then coached me on how to negotiate with my future partners to achieve that dream. That advice turned out to be invaluable. He helped me successfully recover a negotiation that started off very rough."

Jill Austin

"David helped me prepare to be a professional negotiator and secure the agreement I wanted."


"The approach to negotiations David teaches is by far the best method I've seen. Gone are the days of win-win and compromise. I now have a clear understanding of how to be an effective and professional negotiator."

Hospital Administrator

Free Session on Physician Agreements

This brief session will provide you some tips you might want to consider when you are about to sign an employment agreement.

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About Me

I’m Dr. David Norris, MD, MBA, a practicing physician who helps other medical professionals create the practice they want. 

As a leader in my group practice, I was bothered when we breezed through the financials in our meetings. I knew there must be useful information hiding in those numbers. When my colleagues later elected me president, I knew I had to make a change.

I knew we could no longer afford to give glancing attention to income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements – the very lifeblood of our business. Our staff and our families were counting on us to dig down into the numbers and make better decisions about the business.

So I went back and got my MBA.

I learned everything I could about the business of running a medical practice, including how to deal with the financials, how to successfully negotiate to protect our interests, and how to improve the tactical operations of our practice.

Earning my MBA was invaluable to me, my family and my business, but it also cost me hundreds of hours away from all that. So I’ve put the best of what I learned – and what I’ve seen work every day in my practice – into simple, effective courses that will help you maximize your practice in far less time.

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