Great Care, Every Patient - A Physician’s Guide to Improving Any Process

Run your practice your way while maximizing the bottom line.

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You know there are problems in your practice's operations. And you’ve tried to fix them.

You’ve set up new procedures, created guidelines for your staff, held a dozen meetings – yet the same issues seem to keep coming back over and over again.

The only way to make meaningful changes that stick in your practice is to find the root cause of the problem and nip it in the bud.


No one teaches you this in medical school

You learn everything you need to know to care for patients but practically nothing about running a practice.

But nearly 50% of physicians are owners, partners or associates in private practice. That means there are a whole lot of doctors out there running practices who learn as they go.

But just like you use exams, tests and images to discover what’s ailing a patient, you need to learn the tools that will help you discover what’s ailing your business

  • Why are costs always creeping up?
  • How can you increase the quality of the time you spend with patients?
  • Why are patient satisfaction surveys coming back so low?

When you work to discover what’s really causing your operational challenges, you’ll resolve them for good.


Don't make the same mistakes I did

Before I adopted the methods I teach in this course, I saw that there were problems in how my practice operated, but I approached them all wrong

I assumed I knew what the real issues were.

I didn’t identify and include all the stakeholders.

I let scope creep overwhelm my team.

When you approach your challenges with the right mindset, successful change will come much more easily.

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Meaningful change is hard

Improving patient care or cutting costs doesn’t come easy. It requires focus and deep analysis to achieve real results.

This process improvement course will teach you how to:

  • Define your service
  • Manage patient expectations
  • Identify factors that affect quality
  • Design a servicescape
  • Manage the people and resources involved
  • Benchmark processes and measure improvement
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Course Contents


  • Welcome
  • The four P’s of exemplary patient care
  • Mindset

Defining your service

  • Characteristics of service
  • What's your process? - The service concept


  • Connecting with your patients - managing their expectation & factors that affect your quality

Designing and delivering

  • The servicescape
  • Types of flow charts
  • Creating the maps
  • How to create swimlane charts
  • Managing the process
  • Managing people
  • Managing resources
  • Bottlenecks and queues 


  • A Checklist for improvement
  • Plan-do-check-act


  • Summary


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About Me

I’m Dr. David Norris, MD, MBA, CPE. I’m a practicing physician who helps other medical professionals create the practice they want. 

As a leader in my group practice, I was bothered when we breezed through the financials in our meetings. I knew there must be useful information hiding in those numbers. When my colleagues later elected me president, I knew I had to make a change.

I knew we could no longer afford to give glancing attention to income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements – the very lifeblood of our business. Our staff and our families were counting on us to dig down into the numbers and make better decisions about the business.

So I went back and got my MBA.

I learned everything I could about the business of running a medical practice, including how to deal with the financials, how to successfully negotiate to protect our interests, and how to improve the tactical operations of our practice.

Earning my MBA was invaluable to me, my family and my business, but it also cost me hundreds of hours away from all that. So I’ve put the best of what I learned – and what I’ve seen work every day in my practice – into simple, effective courses that will help you maximize your practice in far less time.

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