The Performance Element

The Performance part of exemplary patient care will help you establish your reputation as an excellent care center. Productivity is meeting their needs; performance is doing it well. In a previous article, I discussed some points to improve the service you offer. This goes hand in hand with the quality you create. As you begin to focus on the quality of care you provide, invest time and energy into focusing on the aspects of quality care.

Important Aspects of Patient Care as perceive by the print

  1. Access and Availability. Do you patients have access to you and your office when they need it? Is it easy for your patients to find your office? What are the potential obstacles your patients might have in locating your office? Are you available when most of your patients need you to be available? How long must a patient wait to get on your schedule?
  2. Aesthetics, Comfort, and Cleanliness. What does your office look like? Is it up to date? Is your clinic clean? Are there any particular odors...
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