Four Fundamental Components of a Quality Service

Designing and implementing a quality service involves four key ingredients. As you design your service, consider these aspects to ensure you deliver exemplary patient care.

  1. It's based on a solid mission and purpose. What is the mission and purpose, you might ask? The mission and purpose is perhaps the most important concept of any business or practice. Simply stated, it is the what and why a practice exists. The what is the service you provide to your patients. It's the combination of the knowledge, skills, and processes of your practice to deliver care to the patient. The why is the benefit your service provides to the patient. The why isn't to make money. Earning a profit is an indicator of how well your core business operates. It's a metric to monitor, not an objective to attain. The mission and purpose are always rooted in the world of the patient. Your mission and purpose are what you do and why you do it for the benefit of the patient. Every process, touchpoint, and...
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