Be Aware of the Effects Your Bottlenecks Have on Your Patients

Any service will have some downtime or wait time. It’s safe to say you will encounter block necks in your office. What is a bottleneck? A bottleneck is a part of a process that constrains or restricts capacity and typically results in queues.

Queues aren’t much fun and the time spent in one can hurt the entire customer experience. Sometimes we tolerate the queue and other times we don’t. Think back to the last time you had to wait for a flight or at a restaurant. How did you feel about the waiting time? How did the wait make you perceive the entire experience? Your patients experience the same feelings when they wait in your clinic.

Given the fluid and dynamic nature of clinical medicine, bottlenecks and queues will occur. But we can plan for them and help our patients experience those queues more positively.

The Effects of Queues

When your patients experience bottlenecks, they are spending time that doesn’t accomplish anything. We’ve all experienced...

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