How I Combat My Physician Burnout

I recently finished a great book titled Rest. In it, the author discusses some excellent points on recharging your mind and body. He provides excellent data and studies to support his points. I think many points in this book may be used to combat fatigue and physician burnout.

Go for a walk. Get out in nature and some fresh air. Enjoy the sunshine. Take walks daily and walk at your own pace. Avoid any distractions. That means no iPods, music, podcasts, or other things to distract you. Approach the walk, not as an exercise thing you must do but as a break for your mind. If we approach it as a physical activity, we might be tempted to bring along some of our work. That’s not the point of the walk. Instead, the point is to let your mind wander and recharge. Just walk and let your mind wander. We actually can renew our minds, bodies, and spirits by not focusing and letting our minds wander. It will be challenging at first not to bring some work along for the walk, but after a few...

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