Three Practical Steps to Implement Change

Implementing organizational change has been a troublesome issue for leaders for decades, if not centuries. During the 1940s, Kurt Lewin created a model to help leaders facilitate change in their organization. His model Unfreeze - Change - Refreeze offers a simple paradigm to build your change management plans.

The simplest method of understanding the concept is to consider a cube of ice. Let's assume you made pink ice cubes as a summer treat but then thought your children would enjoy pink ice cubed shaped like unicorns. You're also out of the dye and don't want to make a special trip to the store. To create the change you wish, you will unfreeze the cubes, place the colored water into a new mold, and then refreeze the water. Creating change in your organization will a similar process. The first step of change is unfreezing the organization.

Step 1 - Unfreeze  

Change can only begin after the leader has identified the need. Only then can you begin to develop the change you...

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How Employed Physicians Can Make an Impact in Their Organizations

One of the most common questions I receive from physicians after they read my book is, "I am an employee of the organization. How can I have access to the reports and become a stronger leader?" I will not deny that it can be challenging for an employed physician to gain access to the financial reports outlined in my book. However, the steps outlined below will help you take a step in the proper direction.

  1. Take a leadership role. If you step up and take a leadership position, specific roles and responsibilities will be granted to you. With obligations come rights. You should have a right to see the data by which your performance will be judged. That data will come in many forms, most often as performance and financial data. If you aren't afforded such a right, then how can you be sure the evaluation of your performance will be fair? Before you take on any new leadership role, carefully consider how your success will be defined and measured. Then negotiate those responsibilities and...
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