The Profitability Element

Profit. Often during medical school and residency, this word was uttered with a sneer by my attending when I asked about the business side of healthcare. I believe I asked the questions that are never to be asked. Since operating a practice, I quickly discovered profit is necessary. In fact, profit is the most essential pieces of exemplary patient care, yet it often isn’t examined as carefully as it should be. Profit has a genuine purpose and one that goes beyond earning more money than you spend providing a service. As Peter Drucker claimed, profit is actually the cost of doing business.

What is Profit?

Profit is more than revenue in excess of expenses. It’s necessary for any organization to grow and expand. Keeping the doors open is also dependent upon profit. Whether your organization is a for-profit entity or non-profit endeavor, profitability is fundamental and required if you are to deliver exemplary patient care. Profitability provides more than mere money at the...

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