Attitude Will Carry the Day

My daughter’s volleyball team played in a tournament recently. They had fun on the court. They celebrated their victories and laughed at their silly mistakes. When one of them would accidentally kick the ball or bounce it into a teammates head, they all burst out laughing. The error didn't change their mood. It didn't alter their perspective or goals. They shrugged it off and moved on. Their parents laughed with them and encouraged them.

The other team was a different story. This team was ranked higher than my daughter's team. They were probably better players. But they lost the match to my daughter’s team and were eliminated from the tournament. As the other team began to make mistakes, you could see them getting frustrated. When there was a lousy shot or misplaced bump, the other members glared at each other. Blame was beginning to be passed around the court. They took their mistakes seriously. Even their parents were getting angry. One mistake leads to another and...

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