You Can’t Lead When You’re Burned Out

Trying to lead while you are experiencing burn out is like pouring gas on the flames. You will not only hurt yourself but those you lead and your organization. We are social creatures who pick up on social cues. If you’re tired, your team will pick up on your stress and fatigue. It will affect their morale, performance, and quality. As a leader, you have a duty to lead not only others but yourself. Burnout is a slow process, but its symptoms are visible is you know what to look for.

Symptoms of Burnout

If you are feeling tired, exhausted, and have no desire to show up and treat patients, run through the following symptom checker. These symptoms by themselves are not indicative of burnout, but as they pile on, the constellation of burnout begins to reveal itself.

  • You’re just going through the motions. If you haven’t any real enjoyment and just show up, you’re likely just going through the motions of patient care. If you quickly forget your patient’s...
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