I'm so glad you stopped by today.

I would love to share my story with you.

My mission and purpose is to help you create the practice you desire by raising your business intelligence through education.

My Story

I bet that your story started out similar to mine. I attended college but didn't take any business classes. Instead, I focused on the science classes I thought I needed for medical school. Then, when I was in medical school, I would ask about the business aspects of healthcare and was told I would learn about that in residency. During my residency, the business of medicine was never brought up, and when I asked about it, I was told I would figure it out after I graduated. I suspected I was told these things because my attendings and professors might not know the answers.

Then I entered private practice where I was handed income statements and balances. Numbers were tossed at me, and I was expected, and others assumed, I knew what was going on. At first, I didn't really grasp what the reports were telling me. I tried to fake it, but my conscience got a hold of me. I was responsible for the income of over seventy families. I needed to accept that responsibility and do my best to serve them. So I went back to school. This time it was to raise my business intelligence by earning an MBA.

My Promise

I'm not saying you need a formal education to learn and understated this information. What you need is the self-awareness that you lack the information and knowledge. You will also need to desire to obtain that information. I enjoy sharing what I have learned about being a strong business leader. I think you will find my writing to be insightful, helpful, practical, and immediately actionable. My first book is an excellent resource for your journey.

I understand I don't have all the answers.

That's why my motto is "Never stop learning."

I love learning and sharing what I've learned with others. If you are ready to raise your business intelligence, then connect with me today. I've helped all types of healthcare professionals from medical students who were just starting out to fellows wanting to establish their own practice to a physical therapist buying the practice she worked in to a hospital deal with payers. I can help you too.