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The Financially Intelligent Physician’s Guide to the Practice You Desire Bundle

For a limited time, you can get a special bundle. Get four powerful courses for one low price.

Learn what they didn't teach you medical school and run your own practice today. Theses courses will help you be your own boss as you were meant to be.

Course #1 - The Financially Intelligent Physician’s Guide to the Practice You Desire

Learn the business side of healthcare.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Talk to your accountant and truly understand what they’re telling you
  • Read and apply the information on your financial statements
  • Be a more effective decision maker
  • Understand the financial health of your practice
  • Determine and control your costs
  • Evaluate any investment
  • Detect and prevent fraud.

Understanding the financial side of your business doesn’t just help protect your personal bottom line – it ensures a healthy business for the benefit of your entire staff. Learn more about this course!

Course #2 - Great Care, Every Patient - A Physician’s Guide to Improving Any Process

 Run your practice your way while maximizing the bottom line.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve any process using the right tools
  • Keep the same problems from coming back
  • Address the entire environment of your practice
  • Gain a competitive edge by boosting patient satisfaction
  • Control patient expectations and reduce dissatisfaction
  • Manage the people, processes and resources necessary to transform your practice
  • Design a practice that delivers exemplary patient care and delights the patient

Improving your practice’s processes is so much more than just being efficient. Digging deep into every aspect of how your business works and making productive changes is the key to bringing in and keeping patients who are excited to tell a friend about their amazing physician. Learn more about this course!

Course #3 - Planning to Win - The Financially Intelligent Physician's Guide to Negotiations

 How to stop leaving money on the table

You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve your outcomes with a proven system
  • Harness the power of your mindset
  • Make effective decisions
  • Use tools that will focus your negotiations
  • See the negotiation from the other side’s perspective
  • Stay focused on the hardest part of the deal: the execution
  • Control your emotions

Learning to negotiate well removes the fears you might feel when navigating a deal. You’ll feel more confident and realize the full value of any negotiation. Learn more about this course!

Course #4 - Physician Leadership - Building Stronger Teams and Relationships

Learn the human side of healthcare.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify your personality's strengths and pitfalls
  • Be able to establish rapport with others quickly
  • Learn to communicate with others effectively
  • Learn how to lead a team according to their needs
  • Be able to deal with difficult people rapidly and effectively

Building the practice you desire starts with assembling the right team. Learn to identify, hire, and motivate those on your team today. Learn more about this course!


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What People Are Saying:

“The Course Financial Intelligent Physician by Dr. Norris has been game-changing in my life. As a physician-in-training, there is always a level of uncertainty regarding; what I am going to do after I finish my residency or fellowship? Personally, this was happening to me a few months ago. I was not sure what was the best path for me; joining a private oncology practice, stay in the academics or just affiliate to a big hospital. But recently I started the Financial Intelligent Physician course and my objectives changed completely. After learning the principles and fundaments of finances and accounting, methods to protect a medical practice from fraud I decided to open my own private oncology practice and at this very moment, I am working on that. I am building a team focused on the 4Ps principle. I am confident that with the principles I am learning with Dr. Norris and his accessibility to reach him will guide me through this endeavor. Thank you, D.r Norris, for being my mentor. ”

Luis A Figueroa, MD, Hematology-Oncology

“This is a must! In this course, Dr. Norris presents what every physician who cares about the financial viability of his practice should know. It teaches basic financials that we do not learn in medical school or in residency. The course is easy to navigate and simplifies the process of analyzing any practice’s financials. It should part of the curriculum of every residency program!”

Fadi Joudi, MD, Urologist

“Filling a Desperate Need Having just completed the course, I can say Dr. Norris has created something much-needed in the physician community. He has taken the most pertinent topics from MBA Finance and Accounting courses and condensed them down to only about three hours of videos, all the while keeping his examples focused on a medical practice. Along with each video is a .pdf file that makes it convenient to take notes and file in a notebook for future reference. I highly recommend this course to any physician who is considering going into private practice, desires an understanding of the financial health of their current practice, or those who are in an administrative role in any medical setting.”

Matthew Nunley, DO, Internal Medicine Resident